How many types of bags are there and what options do I have?

There are three main Little Flutters Bags for you to choose from:

  • Butterfly Mummas Bag - a bag of essentials and goodies for mum only

  • Caterpillar Baby Bag - essential items for baby only

  • Deluxe Monarch Bag - a bag of essentials items for both mum and baby

Each of the three bags also comes in x2 different options, either a disposable option or a reusable option, depending on your personal preference.

Examples of the products that will either be disposable or reusable include: nappies, wipes, sanitary pads, breast pads.

Please note, the reusable bags have slightly different products included to help cater for the reusable products, I.e wet bags.


Can I have a bag customised for gender or twins etc?

Yes I am more than happy to tailor make a bag for you to suit a specific gender/s or make up a bag for more than one baby :) 
Please email me at hello@littleflutters.co.nz with further information and we can arrange it for you.

Please note; with special orders, you will need to allow an extra 3-5 days for me to source the products for you. Prices offered will be tailor made for your requirements. Any special orders will need to be paid for by direct credit in to our bank account.


How big are the bags dimensions?

The bags themselves are approximately 34cmx34cmx20cm (HxLxW)


Do you have any options for a payment plan?

At the stage we do not offer Laybuy or AfterPay but I am happy to discuss options with you using a direct credit option. Please email me at hello@littleflutters.co.nz with more information. 

Please note, any payment plans which are set up (under my discretion) can be paid in instalments as agreed upon. Your Little Flutters, Baby Bag will not be sent out until the final payment is received.


Do you support NZ local businesses?

Yes we sure do! Supporting local and providing NZ local products in our bags was a huge must for me. We have such amazing talent in New Zealand and so many Kiwis around the country have created and come up with some awesome businesses.

Where possible, a majority of our products are either NZ Made or from a NZ Local business. Examples include but are not limited to: both the reusable and disposable nappies, the reusable women’s products, the lovely handmade breastfeeding balm and nappy cream, as well as the super cute baby face washers, homemade crochet blanket, the Red Seal Tea and Tom and Luke Snackaballs.