Toddler Busy Box - Music and Imagination

Toddler Busy Box - Music and Imagination

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Introducing the toddler busy box!

A box full of fun, creativity, imagination, entertainment and open ended play.

When it comes to toddlers, keeping them still for any period of time can prove difficult. So we wanted to design these boxes to be a fun and creative way to ignite their sense of imagination and to be a box that they want to keep on coming back to over and over again.

The idea behind the busy box, is to only bring them out occasionally (or as much or as little as you like) but this will help to keep the interest alive. 

Included in your toddler busy box is the following:

x1 natural wooden tambourine drum (15cm)

x1 rainbow wooden caterpillar twisty toy

x2 mini animal finger puppets (assorted)

x1 wooden brush (17cm long)

x1 mirror ball (5cm diameter)

x1 wooden button (5cm)

x1 crochet square (5cm)

x1 wooden ring (5cm)

x1 wooden egg shaker 


Examples for how our toddler busy boxes can be used:

  • Are you expecting baby number 2 or 3 and want a present to give to your toddler/s from the new baby?
  • Maybe you’re needing help to keep your toddler entertained while your busy with your newborn - feeding etc
  • Or maybe you’ve been invited to a toddlers birthday party and you’re needing to find the perfect gift 
  • Perfect for a wet and miserable indoors kinda day when you’re needing to keep the kids entertained


This beautiful toddler busy box is ideal for older toddlers - 18months +

Friendly Reminder: supervision is important when young kids are playing with our toddler boxes due to some small parts which could be potential choking hazards.

Loose parts are from Baby Play  

Please note, some of these items are natural wood products and there are differences in the wood grain so some slight imperfections may occur.

Suitable for children from birth.