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About Little Flutters

Little Flutters was created with every new parent in mind. Whether you’re about to become parents for the first time, parents for the 6th time or you’re a friend or grandparent who wants to give parents to be a really thoughtful gift; our Little Flutters Baby Bags are perfect to get you through those first crazy but amazing days.

We know the weeks leading up until you get to meet your precious new bundle can be stressful, what on earth do you pack in that hospital bag? There are so many checklists, what to take with you and a lot of different advice out there. That’s where we come in, obviously there will be some essential items that only you know what you’ll need and want, however we’ve come up with bags that you can purchase which are pre packed with all the most common bits and pieces for your first few days as a brand new parent. There are some items that are one use only items but a majority of our items provided are nice little keep sakes that can be reused for the next few weeks and months to come.

The Little Flutters design and name was inspired by my late Nana, Margaret Preece. My Nana was the Matriarch of our family and was always looking out for each and every one of her grandchildren. Even more so when we had our son Cooper in October 2018. She could not have been more proud and she was a doting Great Grandparent. When we lost my Nana in January 2020, on the day of her funeral and almost every day since, a Monarch Butterfly has been present. Coincidence or not, I take it as a sign she is watching over my family and even more so, our little boy. It was only fitting that we had a Monarch included in our logo to represent every guardian angel out there watching over these precious new lives. The flutter of the butterfly also represents the first little flutters we feel when our babies move for the first time; which in turn is such a special moment.

From a once brand new parent, to you; I truly hope our Little Flutters Baby Bags put your mind at ease, take some stress away and bring you so much joy. Enjoy your little ones and congratulations.